A Global Design Masters Gathering in MAHA Beijing

11 Nov 2019

On 2 November 2019, Aman's visonary and MAHA Founder Adrian Zecha hosted an exclusive World Design Summit in Beijing. Co-sponsored by Designwire - a chinese platform dedicated to promote Chinese interior design internationally and to expose oversaes design to the nation, the attendees of the event includes HL Lim, Glenn Pushelberg, Nicholas Fu and 23 design masters from eight countries and regions including Britain, Canada, Italy and more.

At the forum summit, HL being one of the 4 panel speakers with Adrian Zecha discussed about the collison of ideas and inspirations and also provided professional feedback on Adrian Zecha's first Chinese work. Through communicating with Adrian Zecha, the design masters had a deeper understanding of the portrayal of the lifestyle brand, MAHA Beijing.

More photos of the summit below: