BTS at the Cordis Shanghai Photo Shoot

11 Oct 2017

By Vanessa Lee

Prior to the photoshoot at Cordis Shanghai, weeks of liaison between the hotel marcom department and I were still ongoing until the very last week of the trip. Finally, the arrangements and schedule were all settled and I was ready to leave for Shanghai. I was feeling pretty nervous, travelling to a country on my own and meeting the photographer, Edmon Leong, whom I had not met before, at the airport before grabbing a cab to Cordis Shanghai.

Cordis is located in Hongqiao, Shanghai, approx. 19 km and a journey of about 1 hour and 30 mins from the airport. I spent a total of two full days and a night dressing up the hotel and shooting all areas of the place, and it was pretty exhausting. However, I did learn a lot about photography during my time there.

Here are some of my observations:



Beds are extremely hard to style. You fix one side and the other side gets messed up. You’ll probably feel that the beds are being extra difficult, but they are very comfortable after a long day’s shoot! Tip: if you really want it to be crisp, try putting cardboard underneath the sheets and it’ll look neat and tidy.



Fixing the curtains is very difficult as well. It’s like they have a mind of their own. You straighten them and they curl back to the original style. Tip: if you need the curtains to be straight, you’ve got to find weights to pin them down.



F&B areas are easy after or before operational time, but shooting a lounge is difficult because, at any time of day, someone is bound to be there having a drink. Tip: working with the staff is your best bet. They’ll take out the reserved signs and place them on the table/area you need to shoot. Also, they are extremely courteous when someone sits at the reserved table; they will chase them away, politely.



Every room is different, the way the sun comes up and set is crucial. It affects the lighting of the image at different timings of the day. Tip: site recee of the rooms before the shoot is important, it helps to plan out a photography schedule so that we are able to capture all shots of the hotel in two days.

That’s all for now, till the next shoot!