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19 Mar 2020

And the AHEAD Asia winners are...

LTW wins 2 categories in AHEAD Asia Awards 2020! 

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15 Feb 2020

LTW Neon Dystopia D&D 2019!

Imagining the future of the world, Neon dystopia was this year's LTW annual D&D theme! Held on 17 January 2020, the D&D was held at a modern, Izakaya restaurant - Neon Pigeon.

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16 Dec 2019

AHEAD Asia 2020 Shortlisted Projects

LTW is shortlisted for this year's AHEAD Asia awards with 3 categories - Lobby & Public Spaces, Event Spaces and Guestroom.

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11 Nov 2019

A Global Design Maters Gathering in MAHA Beijing

Founder and Principal Designer HL Lim was invited for an exclusive World Design Summit with Aman’s visionary founder, Adrian Zecha on 2 November 2019 in MAHA Beijing.

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08 Nov 2019

AWARE The Time Traveler's Ball 2019

The gender-equality group AWARE held their annual gala dinner on 2nd November 2019 at Shangri-la Hotel. A total of 20 LTW staff attended the dinner, with a coordinated blonde wing, dressed in silver and black for the "Back to the future" theme, evoking past victories and future hopes.

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20 Oct 2019

Su Seam Panel Speaker for Saturday Indesign 2019

Saturday Indesignlive - an annual event hosted my Indesignlive, bringing together members of the architecture, building, construction and design industries in a creative format to immersive and interactive, social and fun. This year, they've invited Su Seam to speak on the panel for topic: Tourist or Global Citizen?

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09 Sep 2019

HL's Asia Pacific Hotel Design Summit in KL

HL was invited to be one of the key speakers for this year's Asia Pacific Hotel Design Summit held in KL. It was a 1 day event, with 300 over hotel elite designers attending the summit.

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15 Mar 2019

HL Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award!

LTW Designworks Founder and Principal Partner HL Lim was conferred the first Lifetime Achievement Award by the Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS) on Friday, 8 March 2019 at JW Marriott South Beach.

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01 Feb 2019

LTW Designworks D&D 2018!

The annual LTW Designworks D&D was held on 18 January 2019, Friday at InterContinental's deli, Marcello. With the theme of Tropicana, think bright colored costumes, pineapples, hawaiian-tropical design elements and non-stop fun!

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01 Feb 2019

AHEAD Global 2019

LTW Designworks Rob Shen, Head of Business Development and Marina Baracs, Director of Europe office flew to Ham Hotel, London to represent Four Seasons Seoul for the AHEAD Global Biennale 2019.

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